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In 2002 I was diagnosed as having ulcerative colitis (UC) - an unpleasant, debilitating disease of the colon which, although not life-shortening, was not something anyone would want to live with. Through a face to face discussion with a specialist doctor I was informed that I would have UC for the rest of my life and was prescribed some medication that would help reduce the likelihood of a severe attack but would otherwise not help tackle the disease itself.

For the next two years I conducted my own battle with UC by investigating the best methods to deal with it specifically through diet, although the specialist had informed me that 'diet had nothing to with it' - odd.

I succeeded in diminishing the symptoms by adhering to a very strict zero carbohydrate diet, but the UC persisted.

On hearing some excellent teaching on 'Declarations' from my Pastor, Richard Iredale, I came to an understanding of the power in declaring the word of God over any adverse situation, to overcome, defeat and dispel the work of Satan in our everyday lives. It was all about understanding the authority that God had imparted in us, His children, and that impartation was only made possible through the ultimate sacrifice made by His son Jesus.

I began to praise God for his amazing goodness and power, I rejoiced in my healing despite a part of me questioning why I would rejoice in something I had not experienced yet. I declared, in the name of Jesus, that the UC must go, it had no legal right to exist in my body, I officially pronounced that it was 'evicted' and I continued to pronounce these declarations several times a day every day for around six weeks.

After that period of around six weeks all symptoms of the UC were no longer evident and after another while I began to re-introduce foods to my diet that had previously aggravated the condition. No symptoms of the UC ever returned. Praise God!


After suffering from a dangerous and exhausting heart condition for years Andy experienced Jesus' healing power.

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