Announcements and Updates

This is where we shall be putting any updates and announcements related to our online services and the actions we are taking during this period of Covid-19 related isolation.

UPDATE 24th May Emergency Support

We have had requests for emergency help from some of the agencies we support.

Life Centre – Lebanon

Email from Pastor Said – Life Centre, Lebanon

After The Economic collapse and bankruptcy of Lebanon banks, and the closure of 80% of businesses in Lebanon, Corona Virus came like the icing on the cake, to finish everything left.

Since I am the Senior Pastor, my WhatsApp phone never stops from ringing. Sometimes I feel like Job, receiving bad news after the other, from church members who didn’t eat for 3 days, and babies who had no milk for 2 days, and a lady with 4 littles children living on the roof, and now the storm had removed the plastic roof and she is now with no roof, she hold her little children not wanting them to fly off because of the heavy wind, add to this the storm “Dragon” that hit Lebanon.

In addition to the dozens of families we are ministering to and discipleship programs, those living in the three camps in the Bekaa Valley, they have needs for urgent medical operations. Others need bread to eat because they have been for months feeding their children and eating from the grass that grows on the side of the dirty roads of Bekaa.

DF School – Kolkata India

Email from Jabesh Dutt

The Sunderban (Cyclone) completely devastated, thousands of homes, Schools are destroyed, trees uprooted, crops and cattle under  water. Many people are evacuated but  children are lost under water. Dams are broken, river water entering the villages destroying everything. Every  moment receiving news from our friends there.

Last 3 days there were no electricity and internet service. The people were suffering from these two important services. 

Our school campus was also included into it. The roof of staff residents were blown away. The parapet wall was collapse. All the fruit trees were up rooted or broken.

Our blind children and staff were scared and crying to Jesus for help when all the windows’ panes were broken down in both hostels. We were in huge loss. 

One side is Covid -19, ( Corona Virus ) and now the devastating situations. How we will recover from all these, we have no answers.

Samaritan’s Purse

The Love Initiative

Samaritan’s Purse are attempting to support churches and Christian Ministries working with marginalised people in the UK (Food Banks, homeless, refugees, elderly). They are supplying essential PPE so Church Members and Christian Workers can be kept safe.

“Please help to give key workers face masks, gloves and sanitiser. Many local projects aren’t able to find vital PPE anywhere, and if they do it’s at exorbitant prices and the quality can be uncertain. They are having to risk their lives and those of the vulnerable they serve due to a lack of protection. That’s where you can make all the difference. Please help us supply them with all the protection they need.”

If you would like join us in supporting these ministries please use one of the options on our Giving Page. Please also contact Eddie and let him know how much you are giving so we can make sure it is only used for this purpose. Also let Eddie know if you have a particular preference for the ministry you want to support or if you are happy for your support to be divided between these ministries.

You can contact Eddie on: or 07806 772033.

UPDATE 19th March

Due to Covid-19 and government guidelines we will be having church online for the foreseeable future.

This can be accessed by all mobile devices and computers.

To join NLCF Broxburn online meetings we will require your email address so we can send you a link to join our meetings.

Please send an email to and I will send you the link for this Sunday.

If you have any concerns about being able to join these meetings please call Eddie on 07806772033 and he will try and help you.